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Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Many homeowners begin their pursuit of new carpet flooring with research and often see nylon and polyester mentioned together in articles about their great benefits. They indeed have many similar characteristics, but you might be wondering how they are different?

We will look at that question in more detail today as we look at specifics about each fiber. One may be better for your home than the other, and you should know which one.

There are differences in carpet flooring you need to know about

Nylon is, by far, the most popular carpeting fiber on the market today, especially for homes. Some of its well-known characteristics include outstanding durability, easy maintenance requirements, exceptional resiliency, and products available in every price range.

The spectacular stain resistance is what draws many homeowners, as many manufacturers take advantage of modern technologies to create unique products for this very thing. To take advantage of top of the line stain resistance, be sure to ask about solution-dyed nylon for super protection.

All the fine attributes of nylon do not dispel the wonders of polyester, however. This fiber also offers extreme stain resistance and affordable value. But it also provides a beautiful appearance and has many options for the eco-friendly homeowner as well.

The real difference between these two fibers' appearance is that polyester is more lustrous, while nylon has what might be construed as a matte finish. However, to maintain the very best appearance of your polyester flooring, make sure to have it installed in lower-traffic areas throughout your home.

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