Luxury vinyl tile from Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX

How long will luxury vinyl tile last?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring can last up to 20 years but, as with anything, depends upon the quality, proper installation, and degree of care. 

Thickness matters. Take into account your lifestyle, such as whether kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, etc..

When shopping for vinyl flooring explain your needs in detail to your vinyl retailer in Amarillo, TX.

What to look for in construction

LVT is luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) that is cut into square tile-size, groutable pieces.  The other cut is a plank, most often associated with hardwood looks.

LVF is a layered product with a backing, core, image layer, and wear a sheet.  The wear layer, which should be thick. protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and wear. It is what determines durability.  LVT is waterproof, and it is that wear layer that keeps spills from absorbing so they sit at the top to be wiped off easily.

Vinyl tile flooring should be at least 20-mil, but many go as high as 28-mil.  

Installation is important

LVT and LVP are installed with the floating floor technique.  The pieces first click together to form a mat which then hovers over an existing subfloor.

It's fast and uncomplicated but, like all installations, should be done professionally, since correct installation affects aesthetics, performance, and longevity. Seams must be lined up precisely, the pieces placed together correctly and the subfloor must be level and free of nails, staples, and debris.  Otherwise, you will have a crooked surface floor with imperfections telegraphing through.

One big misconception

Many remember it from decades ago, but technology has made style evolve significantly throughout the years.  We not only see it in every room in the house but also in some high-end homes.

It's a true-to-life mimic of wood, tile, and stone and comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs, and species.  Images are taken with 3D photography; embossing adds depth and dimension.  It's also possible to get textured appearances such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed. Finishes are available in matte, gloss and high gloss.

For more information about luxury vinyl tile,  come into the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX., serving Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas, Borger, and Hereford. Be sure to ask about our estimate.