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How do I clean my laminate flooring?

Brand new laminate flooring has a simply stunning look, with beautiful wood and stone look options, color variety, and installation techniques that add so much to your home. However, to keep it looking its best, you will want to know exactly how to clean and maintain the surface, and we want to give you some pointers in today's post.

Cleaning your laminate flooring is easy

Daily cleaning is a simple task, especially if you have less traffic than most, and consists of sweeping or vacuuming up any loose dirt and debris, followed by mopping with a dust mop or damp mop. If you need a commercial cleaner, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or call us for specific cleaners.

When spills happen, and they will be sure to attend to them immediately. Liquid spills can damage these materials if they are not water-resistant or waterproof, so it is best to ensure there is as little contact with dampness, humidity, and spills as possible.

Other tips include not using abrasive cleaners or tools and using area rugs and runners where necessary. This will limit the amount of dirt and traffic that contacts your floor’s surface.

Laminate flooring and advice you can count on

Gowdy Flooring is a laminate store that not only has a vast inventory of materials to choose from, but we also offer a knowledge base that keeps giving long after your floor covering has been installed. Our associates will answer all your questions for an experience you will enjoy for the life of your flooring.

From our Amarillo, TX showroom, we proudly serve the areas of Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas, Borger, and Hereford, TX, and we would like to help you and your family as well. So, if you have questions about your laminate in Amarillo, be sure and visit us for the answers you need.