More questions from our showroom…

  1. What are undertones that I hear so much about in hardwood, and why should I care?

Undertones are just secondary colors. For instance, you may have a mahogany floor, but it can have a red or orange cast, or a gray floor with a slate blue hue. You pay attention to it so you can coordinate to highlight those colors.

  1. Are all tiles ceramic? No. There are subtle differences in porcelain and ceramic tile, making them behave differently in certain installations. 

For instance, porcelain is completely waterproof, heavier and even a little more durable. It’s best for areas with high foot traffic, such as the kitchen or entryway, and you can even use them outdoors on walkways, patios and decks. 

Ceramic tiles are waterproof only if they are glazed, and it’s recommended to have them resealed every two years. They’re best for lower traffic areas, and on accent walls. They are never recommended for outdoor use.

  1. Are synthetic carpet fibers as good as natural? Yes. There are man-made carpet fibers that have exceptional durability and stain resistance. Nylon is a material that’s always been well-known for its strength; polyester is a close second, with technology making it evolve consistently to get better and better. Olefin is the least durable, but it’s highly economical, so it might work well in lower-traffic areas. 

Those are the most common basic fibers, but there’s also silk, Triexta and mixed blends.

  1. What’s the big deal about stone tiles? First, they add architectural and design interest, something that has been appreciated for centuries. The floor is the biggest expression of personal style, so you can really make your floor unique and personal.

People are starting to discover again just how durable and versatile stone can be. 

Finally, stone appeals especially to the environmentalist, since this is an all-natural product.

  1. Can I use luxury vinyl in my living room? Sure, luxury vinyl is an amazingly good simulation of wood, tile, or stone, and you can get it cut into planks or tiles for more realism. There’s also texturing to give it added depth and dimension, so if you have wood-look luxury vinyl, you can have it look distressed, antiqued, or wire-brushed.

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