Hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice for your home, offering classic and timeless beauty, excellent durability, and a fantastic lifespan that serves your needs well. The process can feel overwhelming if this is your first time choosing hardwood.

We get many questions regarding this product line and look forward to answering them all. So, here are four frequently asked questions, with their answers, to help you make the best decision.

  1. Are engineered floors real wood? Absolutely. These floors are made with a layered plywood backing and a veneer of natural hardwood on top for the best wood floors in Amarillo, TX. 
  2. What’s the lifespan of engineered hardwood floors? With professional installation, the lifespan for engineered hardwood is 30 years. It's also essential to maintain the floors with manufacturer-recommended cleaners and tools 
  3. Is the installation process long? For example, some products offer a floating floor choice, which takes considerably less time to install than solid hardwood. But the installation time is directly related to your preferences for materials and services. 
  4. How do I clean these floors? First, sweeping up loose debris is a vital maintenance requirement to keep it from scratching the surface of your hardwood floors. Then you can clean with a recommended cleaner or damp mop, as necessary, to ensure beautiful results for years.

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