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For Your Flooring and Installation Needs, Come See Us

It’s not every day that you choose brand new flooring for your home. In fact, depending upon the material you choose, you might only have to do it once. Still, no matter what your choice, you’re definitely going to have some specific details in mind when it comes to your Amarillo flooring. And we can help take those details and ideas, along with your own specific needs, and lead you to the perfect floor covering for your home.

Gowdy Floors has been owned and operated locally for more than 21 years, and is one of the largest flooring centers in Amarillo. We offer some of the most beautiful options available for your floors, with a goal of achieving your absolute satisfaction. When it comes to your flooring in Amarillo, we’ll treat your home as if it was our very own. Come see us today at our showroom in Amarillo, TX, where a flooring specialist will be standing by to assist you in every way.

Flooring Services You Can Trust

A flooring store isn’t just a place where you go to pick up some flooring materials. No, it should be a place where you feel right at home, and well taken care of, no matter what your specific need. We strive to be that “friend in the flooring business” that you deserve, as you begin the process of reflooring your home. You’ll find a wide variety of flooring materials, products and services when you visit us.

We also provide flooring installation for all your floors, and that’s a big deal these days. In fact, some manufacturers will only honor their warranty if their product is installed by professionals. That’s a pretty big deal, we think, but certainly not the only reason to choose a professional installation. By attempting the job yourself, it can seem like you’re saving money. However, more often than not, simple novice mistakes can lead to huge overruns in your budget.

One of the best things about choosing Gowdy Flooring as your friend in the flooring business, is having support during and after your experience. Not only can we help you choose and install your perfect Amarillo flooring, we’ll be there for you afterwards as well. For cleaning services, repairs and more, be sure to give us a call.