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Does size matter with tile flooring?

Tile flooring offers a wealth of benefits, including many different tile sizes. You'll find them as small as a postage stamp and others as large as 24 X 24 inches square.

Does size matter when you're choosing the perfect flooring? That's an important question for many homeowners, so here are some thoughts.

What are the benefits of large format tiles?

One of the essential benefits of large tiles is the lack of grout lines to disrupt the line of vision. In addition, fewer grout joints mean a more unified appearance.

With less grouting, you won't have as much grout and tile flooring maintenance, and the installation is faster. But you'll also find these sizes make spaces look larger than they are.

Larger formats can also be beneficial in smaller spaces. For instance, painting the walls to match creates continuity and makes the room look bigger.

Other benefits of tile flooring

Tile flooring
has a reputation for impressive durability that will be welcome in any room. You'll see fewer cracks, chips, stains, and scratches.

You can add extended durability with a few well-placed area rugs in your busiest spaces. This durability can help your porcelain or ceramic tile last more than 50 years with professional installation.

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