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Carpet pile 101

As you search for the perfect carpet flooring, you will learn about the pile. But what does it mean, and how does it affect your choice?

These are great questions and ones we can answer for you. So, here are some facts about piles to get you started towards the best flooring results.

What is a carpet pile?

Pile refers to the fibers of your flooring, from the backing material to the very top of the fiber. You'll also hear about pile density and height, each with its definition.

Pile density is calculated using a formula, and we can give you specific details when you visit our carpet store at your convenience.
The pile height is the measurement from the top of the backing layer to the top of the fiber.

Different kinds of carpet pile

There are two primary kinds of carpeting pile, including cut pile and loop pile. Cut and loop pile uses both types in the same product for texture and interest.

Cut pile describes carpet flooring that is sheared once it passes through the backing. But the loop pile is not sheared, leaving a looped fiber on top.

Benefits of different pile options

Cut pile is a much softer product since the tips of the carpet fibers are accessible. But loop pile is easier to clean, as dirt particles are often resisted.

A word of caution if you have pets: keep their nails trimmed. Pet nails can hang in loop pile carpeting, which can cause pulls in the fibers.

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