When tile floors are arranged in a herringbone pattern, you can use anything, from marble to porcelain, glass, mosaics, subway, and wood-look tiles, as long as they meet the size requirements or can be cut to fit. Typical sizes are generally the 2 x 4 or 3 x 6 A 2 x 8, and the look is distinctive.

Right now, herringbone, which adds a lot of style and elegance to a home, is currently a very popular trend in home design, and you see it all over, not just on tile flooring, but also on hardwood, stone, backsplashes, walls and even jewelry. This layout is an arrangement of rectangles. They are very meticulous laid, with one end meeting the side of another. This results in an angular layout with a distinctive zigzag, staggered, and broken pattern. If you’d like to know more about this popular pattern, come into our tile showroom in Amarillo, TX, to learn more.

What are some other 2020 tile trends?

Herringbone patterns address two other tile trends. Color, whether vibrant and psychedelic or quiet and subtle, is also prominent this year; contrary to what some may think, herringbone is a pattern, not a color, so we see it from red glass to multi-color patchwork looks. For a more contemporary style, go for a slightly cooler neutral, such as a light gray.

Bold, large-scale patterns are also significant this year, such as non-rectangular geometrics like checkered, hexagonal. The chevron design is also popular. This inverted "V" shape is sometimes confused with herringbone.

Other trends include Industrial chic, a concrete, stone-like tile, and speckled surfaces that can give a terrazzo-like appearance; metallics; natural stone appearances, and wood looks, especially for gray white-washed floors.

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