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Can I have pets with hardwood flooring?

It’s easier than you think to pair your hardwood flooring with pets that live indoors. However, there are factors to consider for the best flooring performance, and we'll give you the details about them.

Taking the time to consider all your needs is the best way to start this remodel to find products that meet them all. Here are some tips that could help you as a pet owner.

Choose durability first

When you have pets in the home, nothing else will matter if you choose products that aren't durable enough for the activity. The species availability is a great place to start since some wood floors are much harder than others.

The harder the species, the more durability you'll find, especially in areas where pets have free reign. Add the proper protective topcoat and a few area rugs in spaces where traffic is higher than usual.

Consider moisture concerns

If you have a pet that spills things or has accidents, not addressing moisture issues could cause problems. An engineered product can often work best in these situations, as they stand up better to dampness and spills than solid wood.

Add splash mats around food bowls on your hardwood flooring, and use runners or rugs where pets come into the house from outside. Catching dampness before it hits your hardwood is always a great choice.

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