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Can I glue laminate flooring to my concrete walls?

More and more over the last decade or so, interior designers are experimenting with various materials to create some truly amazing styles. If you've been keeping up with the latest trends, then you've likely heard of using laminate flooring on walls. Sounds crazy? Maybe – but you'll have to decide for yourself! With one quick look, you'll certainly be impressed with the imaginative designs that are possible, all with the use of laminate floors. The question remains: can I glue them to my concrete walls? In short, the answer is yes. However, let's go over the best way to do it. 

Go ahead, stick it to your walls!

While you can indeed glue laminate flooring to concrete walls, for instance, in your basement or a room that's been completely stripped, you will, however, need a strong adhesive. The last thing you want is planks falling off your walls, right? This can happen if there's a lot of moisture in the concrete, which you may not have been aware of beforehand.

Okay, then, what should I use?

To affix laminate flooring to concrete walls, you’ll need a special adhesive that’s formulated to attach the materials and set them onto the walls rapidly. By opting for quick setting adhesive, it also tends to act much like insulation, providing you with some additional protection. Normally, you can find this type of quick-set glue at pretty much any hardware store. As well, aside from using the glue, we recommend building a bracing system to keep the laminate in place, securely attached to the walls.

Is this a quick DIY job?

Since this isn’t your typical renovation task, we recommend not attempting it yourself, especially as it’s a relatively new approach. Instead, it’s always best to hire professionals for this type of work. Plus, they’re highly knowledgeable in terms of insulation and the proper handling of flooring materials.

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